Crypto Wealth Scam Review

Hi I’m Paul from Sit on My Bits, and this is a review of a new trading software called Crypto Wealth.

First Impressions

First Impressions upon looking at the Crypto wealth home page, is that it looks a bit scammy. Before I have even watched the video the home page is screaming out scam. At the top the first thing you see is “How did 753 regular people from UIK make $1,950,787 with this bitcoin software” to me that is blatant dangling of the carrot to hook you in. It makes you thing regular people like you can make vast amounts with this software. Also to the side of this it reads “START MAKING HUGE PROFITS FROM THE CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKETS 26 FEBUARY MEMBERS PROFITS $77,417”and the amount is growing by the second, so another scammy tack tick to hook you in. You have to ask yourself why they are so desperate to give you money. It is the same old system we have seen time and time again that makes you think that you will be getting something for nothing. Making huge profit easily.

The Video

Before I have even watched the video that is about to tell us we are all going to be a millionaire, I recognize the guy in the video. I have seen his face before on another similar site that again was leading you to believe that it would make you rich and change your life. After a bit of sleuthing I found not only the previous scam software but also the actor’s agent profile.

Super CryptoWealth Man

Paid actors

The actor is a fellow called Spencer Conway,who has been in numerous films and TV shows including The Capped Crusader Superman. now at this point please let me be clear he is a paid actor, he just turns up pretends to be someone else and delivers his lines. I in no way hold him responsible in any way for the scamming, he is just doing his job as an actor.  Sometimes actors can go long periods without work, so any work is a bonus. It is the people that develop these scammy sites.

Acting Resume

The same actor was also used for another scam software called 7 figures monthly.

These sites are made up quickly there is normally a short video with an actor pretending to be a millionaire and that he only has a few spaces available and then there are normally a couple more actors from that pretend to be testimonials of users that have made big profits using the software. As the video goes on the actor says that he is called Max Carney and he is going to help you make a fortune with this software making $450 an hour doing nothing.

The Actor on previous roles.

Later on a woman appears that is also an actor from previous scam videos. After listening to how much I was going to make and how it would be imaginable wealth all made in a short amount of time doing nothing and of course huge bank balances flashing up on screen I decided to stop watching, it is all nonsense.

Under the video is a huge flag and it reads above how people in your country are profiting, this is a common clever way to make you feel you are missing out. There is an algorithm that picks up on your IP address and will then will not only show your country’s flag but it will also say ”Members in your Country (UK, GERMANY, Africa, India etc) are profiting.

Common Scam Tactics

As you scroll down the site further it starts to tell you how safe and secure the software is with its 100% security score and how 9 out of 10 financial experts agree that Crypto wealth is the safest profit generating software of our time this of course is all BS these are all common scammy tactics like medals and badges that proclaim how secure and professional the software is, but these are all fake.  I have seen it so many times on previous scam software sites. There are also some testimonials in including  Floyd Mayweather and Jamie Dimon, but again these are clever tactics to make you think that if they are involved it must be genuine. There are also some testimonials from alleged users that are of course all doing summersaults about how fantastic the software is, but again after a bit of sleuthing I found these out to all be stolen stock images that they are pretending to be part of their users from around the world.

Stock images pretending to be user Testimonials

Summary SCAM or Not

Without a doubt Crypto Wealth System is a complete SCAM, It has all the old telltale signs and scammy hooks the scammers use to cleverly lure you in. From statements telling you that you can make money doing absolutely nothing, the algorithms to cleverly picking up on the country you are in make you think you are missing out and then of course the scammy video with paid actors telling you that with this system you will make unimaginable wealth all just screams out scam. Avoid like Coronavirus.

If you are looking to trade online do your own research, there are a lot of scam sites out there that proclaim that the will make you rich but it is all a con to get their hands on your hard earned cash. The software either is designed to make you lose or doesn’t even work at all, so be careful and get a reputable trading platform that has good reviews. Trade safe people.