The Ethereum Code Scam Review

Hi my name is Paul from Sit On My Bits, and this is a review on a new trading software called The Ethereum Code.


First impressions of the website it doesn’t look to bad, if I’m honest, the Ethereum Code Logo looks good there doesn’t seem to be anything to scammy upon first impressions. I don’t however like that it says “100% FREE ACCESS TO THE ETHEREUM BOT” as most platforms are free, you just have to fund your account but the fact they are highlighting the fact it is free starts alarm bells. As I scroll down the Ethereum Code Page there isn’t all the tell-tale signs of a scam site, banners flashing up and boxes telling you that there are only 2 spaces left to join this life changing software all of those scam tack ticks we have seen so many times before. However as I scroll down a little bit further there are some testimonials from people that have tried and tested the software. But after a little bit of sleuthing I find that they are in fact stock images, images that that can be purchased from websites like where you can get various images of models posing to be a normal person, office worker, man on street, woman at desk. Pretty much whatever you may need for your advertising needs. This has now seriously rang alarm bells as these images are so often used on scam software sites to pretend that they are normal people like you and me using the software and hence give (credibility to the software). Anyway before I am too harsh and call the Ethereum Code out as a scam, let’s have a look at the video on the website.

The Video

The video starts off with a view of a nice swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers, there is some cheesy music playing then the voice narrator begins. With “luxury holidays, have you ever wondered how the wealth secure this kind of like style” this worries me as they are straight away dangling the carrot which is common with scam software sites, rather than tell you what the software is all about and how it works. Any genuine trading software tells you how it works rather than try to hook you in telling you that you will make thousands, it’s starting to look very scammy. The video carries on all the time telling you how a 9 to 5 job isn’t going to make you rich and how most people rely on credit and loans to get by day to day. I find this a little bit patronising as most people that will find this site are probably a bit vulnerable and need money, but you can feel how this is all building up to the big hook. As the video goes on and after telling you that the banks are pretty much holding you back it then says that they can offer you a way to make $3,000 every day. So clever really after going on about loans and being held back that most people can relate to that, then they offer you the breath of fresh air you need. Not long after there are some video testimonials of people that have used the Ethereum Code software and after just a few clicks it has changed their life, but guess what people thay are all actors from is a website where you can pay for a wannabe actor to say whatever you want for $5. Next up the CEO and Founder introduces himself as Mark Weston (who has been narrating over the video) and you see an image on the screen but guess what again he isn’t Mark Weston CEO of The Ethereum Code it is just another stock image.

The video goes on to tell a story about someone who has a secret trading formula that will teach you how to make millions trading with The Ethereum Code software. They are clever as they say that there are a lot of software’s out there designed to make you lose, to put you off the scent as that is exactly what they are about to do to you. So again more lies and deceit, at this point I think I have seen enough to know that this is a scam.


Summary Scam on not : Scam

In my opinion this is most defiantly a SCAM SCAM and SCAM again, however they have been clever with this one. The home page looks quite good and its not until you watch the video that you realise that it is a scam. Also they are very clever how they say about being scammed by software’s that make you lose, to try and give them credibility. But after seeing testimonials that are actors, and a CEO that is a stock image all with a cheesey voice over plus the fact they don’t really tell you how the software works. It’s all about signing up and not missing out on being a beta tester for them as there are only limited spaces left. This is just a blatant scam to get their hands on your hard earned cash beware.

Trade Safe people.

ETH Millionaire Scam Review

Hi my name is Paul from Sit On My Bits, and this is a review on a new trading software called ETH Millionaire.


Straight away upon looking at the ETH Millionaire website. The first thing I notice is under the WELCOME TO ETH MILLIONAIRE at the top of the homepage it reads ¨Make massive profits with no more than a few clicks per day.¨ This to me screams out scam, it is common with a scam site to dangle the carrot as they say,and offer you tempting things to lure you In but you have to ask yourself why are they so desperate?

 Before they have told me anything about the software and what it does, they are telling me that I’m going to make massive profits. It is just a scammy tactic to hook you in and get you interested. Everyone likes the thought of making lots of money and doing nothing so that is what the pry on. Beneath that there is the video, we will come to that in a minute. But another thing I notice either side of the video box are two more common scammy tactics, which again I have seen in numerous scam sites before. That is two small boxes one which says ¨Number 5 of 27 limited spaces¨ and then another on the other side that says ¨0:00 registration count down.¨

 Now both of these are there to create a sense of urgency, so you think that there are only a limited amount of spaces left and that the countdown is over so you might miss out of this life changing opportunity. Again these are common with the scammers, this is just another way to try and hook you in. If you go to the top and refresh the page it will go back to the start and start counting down again it is all fake!

The Video

The video starts off straight away telling you that this software will make you wealthier than your wildest dreams. It will open up a passive income, so you can live the life you want and give your families the opportunities they deserve.  Again a subtle hook there to make you think you are not giving your family the best you can.  

All the time there are photos popping up of sports cars and exotic locations, while it is telling you how your life will change and how you will be able to afford luxurious toys and exotic holidays. After a few minutes of this some people appear who have tried the software and had good results. But guess what they are paid actors. Yes more scammy tell-tale signs like we have seen so many times before. Paid actors telling you they have made millions using the ETH Millionaire software.

 At this point I had seen enough, I have reviewed enough scam software to know when it is a blatant scam. A bit further down on the website there are some more testimonials this time written ones, but again they are all fake. But this time instead of paid actors there are stock images, images that are models posing as normal people that you can purchase for advertising needs, so again fake.

Summary Scam on not :Scam

In my opinion the ETH Millionaire is a blatant scam it has all the usual scammy tell-tale signs from the outset.  From the hooks there to make you feel you have to act fast so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. To the video with images of sports cars and holidays, to the paid actors.

 The ETH Millionaire is just a cheaply made scam designed to take your hard earned cash, and make you think you are investing in a genuine trading software. Any genuine trading software will normally tell you about how it works rather that a lot of fake promises. So if you see something offering you lots of money for doing nothing and it looks too good to be true it normally is.

Trade Safe people.

Nasdaq Insider Trader

Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review

Hi I’m Paul and this is a review on a new software called Nasdaq Insider.


First impressions on the Nasdaq Insider homepage on their website. The first thing that stands out to me is the banner at the top that reads “Create your Free Account below to make your fist $4,500 today” this to me looks a bit scammy. As we have seen time and time again scammers like to dangle the carrot with money so to me that looks just like that. They make one of the first things you see to entice you to part with your hard earned cash.  

I have to be honest and say that the logo looks good and professional even if they have just used the official Nasdaq sign but changed the letter S to look like a dollar sign. Another scammy sign that I notice is at the top where the site pages are one of them reads SOCIAL PROOF to me this looks like they are trying to say that it is not a scam, but why do they feel the need to say that. When you see an advert on tv it doesn’t say this is real we have proof, so to me it does the reverse and makes it look like a scam. There are also some other parts of the home page that have telltale scammy signs like the sign up bar has “Limited Time Offer” This is to create urgency and make you feel you are going to miss out if you don’t sign up straight away.  Also the badges under the sign up bar for all safety software that comes with it, they are all fake McAfee Secure, Verisign Geo trust, plus others.  They are all there so you subliminally think oh this must be genuine as they use these safety anti hack features.  But they are all fake if you click on them nothing happens, they are just stolen logos.


From what I have seen on the home page I don’t hold out much luck for the video. The video starts off with just text on the screen telling you how you will become richer than you dreamed using this new cutting edge software.  It says the Nasdaq Insider’s unique algorithm’s closely watch the markets and execute winning trades for you. But all along they are dropping hints of huge amounts of money and how you can make thousand s by doing nothing as the software makes trades for you. All seems a bit too good to be true doesn’t it?  Well it is, it screams out scam to me.

 A little way in to the video and some people come on screen that have tried and tested the software and they have made video testimonials to tell you how well it has performed and how much money it has made them.  Again this is a clever way to lure you in by thinking that ordinary people like you and me can become rich, but after a little investigating I found that these people are in fact actors from that will say anything you want for $5 bucks. There are also some more testimonials that have been writern but guess what they are all fake too, they are even accompanied by a photo which is a stolen stock photo that has been used for lots of other websites.

Summary :Scam

From what I have seen the Nasdaq Insider is most defiantly a scam it has all the scammy tell-tale signs from the initial carrot dangling on the home page telling you that you will make thousands with their software. Then the scammy video again telling you that you will make thousands. The cherry on top the paid actors again telling you how much you will make. I have seen so many similar sites all proclaiming to make you rich. Avoid.