CryptoDroid Trading Software App Review

No Better Time to Trade Crypto

With Bitcoin hitting its all-time high it is creating a much greater awareness, this then creates hype and a knock on effect of more interest which makes more people invest. This then creates interest in other crypto currencies that trade at lower prices this then helps not only Bitcoin but all cryptocurrencies. So there is no better time to jump on to the Bitcoin and crypto boom and start make profits trading..



CryptoDroid is a brand new state of the art Cryptocurrency automated signal trading software app.  It has been designed using the latest cutting edge algorithmic trading technology, that predicts market movements to make maximum profits for its users. Despite the latest trading technology and advanced trading features CryptoDroid was designed to be used by all types of traders, whether you are new to trading or if you are an experienced veteran trader. The simple but effective trading platform that is easy to navigate but also offers the best performance. CryptoDroid is not only for trading Crypto but also offers signals for Currency pairs too allowing you to benefit from a wider range of assets.

How it Works

CryptoDroids internal algorithms have been specially designed to make extremely fast but precise signals, which in turn take advantage of the current market fluctuations.  These happen throughout the day. After your initial deposit, you simply click the amount you wish to trade (lose/Profit) then click which assets you want to trade. Whether you are interested in Cryptocurrencies or currency pairings or both to maximize your profits. Once you have chosen your assets the CryptoDriod algorithms start to work rapidly looking through all the markets to find the best signals for you to trade on. Then as soon as they appear you just click trade. It really is as simple as that.

All of your activity is easily seen, with your open Trades and trade history right in front of you.

Trading Tools

Trading Tools

Everything you need in one place, no need to waste crucial time looking on separate pages!

Another great feature CryptoDroid has is that it also gives you the opportunity to have trading tools such as all the latest World market news and announcements that are updated as soon as they happen. There is a trading graph showing all of the latest movements of all the assets, just in case you want to zoom in and see for yourself what direction a certain asset is moving. There is also a live ticker running across the top of the page with all the latest asset prices in real time

Both of these features are easily found on the main trading page, so there is no need to have separate graphs and news feeds open as that could cost you vital time.

Free Demo Mode

CryptoDroid also offers a Demo Mode, this is always a very good thing in my view as it gives you the opportunity to get a feel for how the platform works and get comfortable with it before you trade with your hard earned cash. With an exact copy you can get a feel of how CryptoDroid works using virtual money and trading like you would on the Real Mode.


CryptoDroid looks very good, I really like how simple they have kept it, while still having all the latest algorithm trading technology in the back end. It’s clear and simple with everything you need to trade all in one place. The time it could take you to open a new page on a separate webpage to find a graph or market news could lose you vital time in placing a trade. Not only does it have everything there for you on one page, all the tools you need Trading graphs, latest market news etc.   it is simple to use without a lot of the complicated graphs and exchanges that is often seen with trading platforms. Also not only has CryptoDroid been developed to a high level by experienced traders with years of experience, they have put a lot of work in to the back end with the technology that you don’t see.

Should you choose CryptoDroid?

In my opinion CryptoDroid Is a good trading platform, I like that the appearance is simple and easy to use but packed full of useful features. I like that it isn’t too complicated like some other platforms can often be, but it also has all the latest algorithmic trading technology to make profitable trades. CryptoDroid gives you the opportunity to trade from the comfort of your own home or while on the go using the mobile app, with its latest trading technology to provide the latest signals for profitable trades.

If you want to check out CryptoDroid Click Here.

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